.06 Field Inspection Application.

A. Each applicant shall provide the certifying agency with a completed application form. This form is available from the agency. A separate application shall be submitted for each variety and crop. Incomplete applications shall be rejected.

B. The applicant shall define clearly the area or units of certification. It may be divided, subject to the requirements of this chapter, for each crop. Each field bounded by a fence or a road is considered a separate unit for identification purposes.

C. Due dates include the following:

(1) Inspection applications shall be received by the certifying agency not later than the following dates (see Regulation .14 of this chapter):

(a) For barley, oat, rye and wheat—April 15;

(b) For corn—June 1;

(c) For red clover—July 15; and

(d) For soybeans—September 1;

(2) Late applications will be accepted at the discretion of the certifying agency (see Regulation .19 of this chapter for late fees);

(3) An applicant may withdraw an inspection application on any field and receive an adjustment of fees by the agency, provided the withdrawal notice is received before the field is inspected by the certifying agency.

D. The applicant shall indicate by diagram the location of the field or fields to be inspected. A road, farm lane, building, or other crop near a seed field shall be shown on the diagram. Each field shall be identified by a farm name or field number and shall correspond with the information provided on the inspection application.

E. An applicant shall sign the application for inspection and certify the following:

(1) That the information submitted for verification of seed eligibility is representative of the total amount of seed used and that the seed verified was planted on the field described on the application;

(2) That all equipment involved with planting, harvesting, storing, conditioning, and handling of the seed was cleaned thoroughly before use; and

(3) That the identity of the seed will be maintained, from harvest until it leaves the applicant's possession, through use of a numerical system, or some other identification system acceptable to the certifying agency.