.10 Stop-Sale Order.

A. A written stop-sale order may be issued on any seed lot found to be in violation of the Maryland Seed Law or the regulations in this chapter. Seed under a written stop-sale order may not be moved from the stop-sale point until released by the Department. Seed lots released for transportation shall remain under stop-sale upon arrival at the warehouse or conditioning plant until appropriate laboratory tests can be completed enabling appropriate relabeling, supervised destruction, or until conditioning can be accomplished.

B. Stop-Sale Label. A small prepacked container of vegetable seed, lawn and turf seed, flower seed, or tree and shrub seed in violation may be labeled with pressure-sensitive gum labels instead of a written stop-sale order. Each container with a stop-sale label shall be removed from the sales floor and disposed of by the owner, store operator, or, subject to approval of the Department, returned to the wholesale supplier.

C. Hearing. The owner or custodian of a seed lot receiving a stop-sale order may request a hearing with the Department, provided the request is forwarded to the Department within 10 days of the date the stop-sale order was placed on the seed lot. The other provisions of this section remain in effect during the hearing process.