.09 Wholesale Seedsman Record.

A. Each wholesale seedsman or conditioner of seed shall keep records on each lot of seed and shall make the records available for inspection by the Department. Required records shall be maintained for a period of 2 years after the seed lot has been sold or disposed of. The records shall include:

(1) Origin of the seed lot, or the statement that the origin is unknown.

(2) Grower's name and address or supplier's name and address.

(3) Shipper's analysis label, invoice, laboratory report, or other records, or all of the above, reflecting claimed analysis for the seed.

(4) Documents reflecting prior lot numbers, quantities, date of production or delivery and other information necessary to prove origin identity, including kind and variety. If lot numbers have been changed, all documents shall be maintained reflecting blending, reconditioning, treatment, etc.

(5) Copy of laboratory analysis reports reflecting the lot number and data supporting all label claims.

(6) Such information as is needed for identification, current inventory and records of disbursements, plus other data to establish the ownership, quantity, disposition, or disposal. The record, after the seed lot is conditioned, shall reflect the quantity of clean seed, dockage, and screenings.

(7) A grower's declaration giving the quantity, kind, variety, origin, and year of harvest for each lot of seed which is not readily distinguishable by examination. A grower's declaration shall reflect the name, address, and signature of the grower.

(8) A representative seed sample of at least the amount of agricultural seed required for a noxious weed seed examination and at least 1,000 seeds of vegetable, flower, tree, and shrub seed. These seed samples shall be maintained for at least 1 year after the entire seed lot has been disposed of by this person.

B. Each jobber, central warehouse for chain store operations, or other handler obtaining seed lots for further distribution to retailers, shall maintain complete records on each seed lot for 2 years after each seed lot is distributed and disposed of. The records shall include:

(1) Source of each seed lot;

(2) Quantity of each seed lot received;

(3) Number of shipments and date of each shipment received;

(4) Size and type of containers (Example: 5-pound box);

(5) Invoices and shipping documents pertaining to each shipment of seed received;

(6) Quantities of each seed lot distributed to each retail branch or consumer store;

(7) Name and address of each store receiving;

(8) Date shipped to each store;

(9) Means of shipment, including type and name of carrier; and

(10) Other records necessary to provide current inventory identification and disposition of each seed lot.