.04 Diseases.

A. Upon the finding of a colony of bees infected with American or European foulbrood, an inspector shall mark the hive housing the diseased colony to designate American foulbrood or European foulbrood and the date of inspection. These markings may not be removed by the owner until permission is granted in writing by an authorized agent of the Department.

B. If disease is found in a colony or apiary, a quarantine notice shall be issued (if deemed necessary by the Department) to the owner of the diseased colony or apiary. This quarantine notice shall designate the disease or diseases present, the number of colonies affected, together with instruction for treatment or disposition. The quarantine will remain in effect until terminated in writing by an authorized agent of the Department.

C. Bees, bee colonies, or bee equipment used near bees may not be moved from the quarantined property on which the diseased colony or apiary is located until written notice that the quarantine has been lifted is received or unless special permission is granted, in writing, by the authorized agent of the Department.

D. In case of failure to comply with the recommendations for treatment of a diseased colony, or if the colony fails to respond to treatment, the Secretary may proceed to destroy the colony and any bee equipment which may constitute a source of infection. Whenever burning of a diseased colony is necessary, the colony shall be disposed of in the vicinity of the diseased apiary.