.05 Plant Broker License.

A. A plant broker engaged in the business of soliciting, taking orders, selling, or distributing nursery stock in the State shall hold a valid Plant Broker License.

B. Requirements for Licensure. An applicant must fulfill the following requirements for licensure:

(1) Make application to the Department on forms provided by the Department;

(2) Pay the annual license fee as specified in Regulation .06B at the time of application for, or renewal of, a license;

(3) Furnish a list of nurseries for which he acts as a broker.

C. A plant broker will be assigned a permanent license number at the time all requirements have been met and the original license is issued. Unless sooner revoked, the license is valid for a year beginning January 1, or date of issuance, and ending December 31.

D. A license is not transferable.

E. Plant broker licenses will be renewed annually upon meeting all requirements as outlined in this regulation.