.02 Categories of Operation.

The following categories of operations are established and, upon meeting the requirements of these regulations, a person in these categories will be issued the type of certificate or license indicated:

A. Nursery Inspection Certificate.

(1) Christmas tree production—the production of Christmas trees.

(2) Greenhouse plant production—the growing of nursery stock under glass, fiberglass, plastic or other similar material.

(3) Landscape nursery operation—the production of nursery stock to be used for landscape purposes by the producing nursery.

(4) Nursery stock production—the growing of nursery stock for sale or distribution.

(5) Public agency nursery—a federal, State, or local government agency engaged in the production of nursery stock for research or educational purposes, for reforestation projects, or for use on public lands.

B. Plant Broker License. Broker—a person acting as an agent or middleman between a grower and a wholesale or a retail customer.

C. Plant Dealer License.

(1) Chain store—one of two or more retail outlets owned by a person selling nursery stock.

(2) Collector—a person engaged in the collection and the sale or distribution of wild or native nursery stock.

(3) Garden center—an operation engaged in the sale or distribution of nursery stock.

(4) Landscape contractor—a person who installs nursery stock on the property of another.

(5) Mail order—the shipping or drop-shipping (at retail) of nursery stock from orders solicited or received through the mail.