.05 Notification of a Pesticide Application in an Elementary School Building or on School Grounds.

A. During the school year, each school that enrolls elementary school students shall notify each parent or guardian of a student attending the school and each staff member:

(1) At least 24 hours before a pesticide is applied in a school building or on school grounds; and

(2) For emergency pest control:

(a) Within 24 hours after a pesticide is applied, or

(b) On the next school day, as provided in Regulation .09 of this chapter.

B. The following information shall be provided in the notification required by §A of this regulation:

(1) Common name of the pesticide applied;

(2) Location of the application;

(3) Date and time of the application;

(4) The following language: "The Office of Pesticide Programs of the United States Environmental Protection Agency has stated: `Where possible, persons who potentially are more sensitive, such as pregnant women and infants (less than 2 years old), should avoid any unnecessary pesticide exposure'";

(5) A brief description, approved by the Department, of potential adverse effects, based upon the material safety data sheet of the pesticide applied; and

(6) Reason for the emergency application, if applicable.

C. The school shall provide notification by a written notice sent home with each student or provided to each staff member.

D. For application on school grounds, the notice of the planned date and time of application may specify that weather conditions or other extenuating circumstances may cause the actual date of application to be postponed to a later date or dates.

E. If the actual date of application is more than 14 days later than the planned date provided in the notice, notice of the application required under this regulation shall be reissued.