.03 Integrated Pest Management System.

A. County Board of Education Requirements.

(1) Each county board of education shall:

(a) Develop and implement for its schools an integrated pest management system approved by the Department; and

(b) File a written integrated pest management plan with the Department for approval.

(2) When any change is made to the integrated pest management system, the county board of education shall submit the revised integrated pest management plan to the Department for approval before the initiation of the new plan.

B. The integrated pest management system of a county board of education shall meet the following minimum requirements:

(1) Have an integrated pest management policy;

(2) Have a policy on pest management roles and responsibilities of decision makers, including the name, address, and telephone number of the contact person;

(3) Have procedures for conducting the pest control program, including pest management objectives;

(4) Have procedures for regular inspection and monitoring activities to determine the presence and distribution of pests;

(5) Have standards to determine the:

(a) Severity of pest infestation; and

(b) Need for corrective action;

(6) Require each school:

(a) To make records documenting:

(i) Pest sightings;

(ii) Pest control procedures; and

(iii) Any communications to students and staff members regarding integrated pest management or pesticide use; and

(b) To maintain these records for 2 years and make these records immediately available, on request, to the Department.

(7) Have pest management strategies, including sanitation, structural repair, physical, cultural, and biological control, nonchemical methods and pesticide application, when nontoxic options are unreasonable or have been exhausted;

(8) Provide education and training of staff members, students and parents or guardians in integrated pest management procedures;

(9) Require an annual evaluation of:

(a) Integrated pest management strategies; and

(b) Program quality assurance; and

(10) Have procedures for notification of a parent or guardian of a student attending the school and of a staff member at the school before a pesticide is applied in a school building or on school grounds.