.16 Pesticide Information for Customer.

A. When a pesticide is applied, or at the time a customer enters into a contract with a licensee for pest control, a licensee shall provide a customer with the following written information:

(1) Name of licensee;

(2) Maryland pesticide business license number;

(3) Licensee telephone number;

(4) Maryland Poison Center telephone number;

(5) Common name of pesticide or active ingredient applied; and

(6) One of the following:

(a) An original or legible copy of the current pesticide product label;

(b) An original or a legible copy of that portion of the current pesticide product label or labeling containing precautionary statements regarding hazards to humans or animals and environmental hazards, if any; or

(c) A document containing appropriate health, safety, or precautionary information that has been taken from the pesticide label and approved by the Department before its distribution.

B. In addition to the required information in §A(6) of this regulation, a licensee may provide the customer with additional product information, such as:

(1) A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS);

(2) A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency fact sheet on the product; or

(3) Additional labeling information provided by the product manufacturer (registrant).

C. Product information, other than the current product label or labeling, that the licensee provides to the customer to comply with the requirements in §A(6) of this regulation shall be approved by the Department before its distribution.

D. Upon the customer's request, the licensee shall provide the customer with advance notice of a pesticide application.