.13 Dealer Permit — Operation, Requirements, and Restrictions.

A. Operation. A person who sells or distributes restricted use pesticides shall hold a dealer permit from the Department.

B. Requirements. An applicant for this permit shall:

(1) Apply to the Department;

(2) List the dealer's name or business name, location, and phone number;

(3) Assign an individual to act as the Department's contact at the dealer's business office;

(4) Keep sales records as outlined in §E of this regulation; and

(5) Pay a $25 permit fee.

C. The permit shall be valid beginning January 1, or whenever obtained, until December 31.

D. Restriction.

(1) A dealer may not sell or distribute a restricted use pesticide to any person other than:

(a) A permitted dealer; or

(b) A certified applicator or that person's authorized representative.

(2) Proof of authorization shall be provided before sale or distribution.

E. Records. A person who sells or distributes restricted use pesticides shall maintain records, as indicated below, on the sale or distribution of each restricted use pesticide. These records shall be held for 2 years, and shall be available, on request, to the Department. The following information shall be recorded:

(1) Name of pesticide or pesticides sold or distributed, including formulation;

(2) Quantity sold or distributed;

(3) Date of sale or distribution;

(4) Name and address of purchaser or receiver; and

(5) Name and address of the certified applicator, if different from §E(4) of this regulation.