.12 Records.

Each licensee and permit holder shall maintain for 2 years records of each pest identification, pesticide recommendation, or pesticide application, and shall make these records immediately available, on request, to the Department. The following information shall be recorded, when applicable:

A. Name of applicator or consultant;

B. Date of application, recommendation, or pest identification;

C. The plant, animal, or site to which the pesticide was applied or recommended, and the pest to be controlled;

D. Acreage, square footage, cubic footage, linear footage, or numbers of plants or animals or a description of the area or structure treated with the acreage, square footage, cubic footage, or linear footage recorded when label instructions specify these measurements;

E. Address of treated property;

F. Name of owner or tenant of property;

G. Common name and EPA registration number of pesticide or pesticides used or recommended;

H. Rate and concentration of pesticides used or recommended;

I. Total amount of pesticide used;

J. Type of equipment used;

K. Time of day of application; and

L. The direction and estimated velocity of the wind at the site when the pesticide was applied, although this information need not be recorded if the application consists of baits in bait stations or is made in, or within 3 feet of, a structure.