.10 Licenses — Types and Requirements.

A. Types. Each place of business performing pest control shall be licensed in those categories in which it operates. The licenses are:

(1) Pesticide business license — issued to a business performing pest control work;

(2) Pest control consultant license — issued to a business providing pest control consultation; and

(3) Not-for-hire license — issued to a person who performs, or whose employees perform, pest control services on property that is:

(a) Owned by the person; and

(b) Open to, or routinely used or enjoyed by members of the public, at the person's express or implied invitation, even though a fee or other charge may be administered for the property's use or enjoyment.

B. Requirements. An applicant for license or renewal of a license shall annually:

(1) Apply to the Department on a Departmental form;

(2) Designate an individual who is certified in those categories for which the business is licensed;

(3) Pay a $150 fee.

C. Insurance Requirements. An applicant for a pesticide business license or a renewal of a pesticide business license shall:

(1) Meet the requirements for minimum financial responsibility for bodily injury and property damage by carrying liability insurance with limits not less than:

(a) Bodily injury — $100,000 each person, $300,000 each occurrence;

(b) Property damage — $15,000 each occurrence, $30,000 annual aggregate provision.

(2) Furnish to the Department a certificate of insurance by an insurance company licensed to do business in the State. The license shall keep the insurance in force for the licensing period.

D. Duration.

(1) A pesticide business license is valid beginning July 1, or whenever obtained, to June 30.

(2) A pest control consultant license is valid beginning January 1, or whenever obtained, to December 31.

(3) A not-for-hire license is valid beginning July 1, or when obtained to June 30.

E. If an application for renewal of a Pesticide Business license, Pest Control Consultant license, or Not-for-Hire license is received by the Department more than 30 days after the expiration date of the license, the applicant is subject to a $30 late fee.