.09 Examinations for Certification of Pest Control Applicator, Pest Control Consultant, and Public Agency Applicator.

A. Each applicant for certification shall pass a written examination, given by the Department, in each category for which the applicant qualifies. Each applicant shall apply to the Department at least 1 month before the scheduled examination date and specify the category in which the applicant seeks to be certified.

B. The Department shall give the examination at least twice a year.

C. An applicant shall correctly answer 70 percent of each examination.

D. There is a $10 fee for each reexamination. Public agency certificate applicants are exempt from the fee.

E. An individual who has not renewed the certificate by its expiration date, June 30th of each year, may be reexamined as provided by this chapter.

F. An individual who passes an examination, but does not complete the other requirements for certification within 1 year from the date of the examination, shall be required by the Department to retake the examination.