.07 Private Applicator Certificate.

A. Each applicant for a private applicator certificate shall obtain from the Department a certificate before the initial purchase or use of a restricted use pesticide.

B. Each applicant shall apply to the Department, using a Departmental form.

C. Each applicant for a private applicator certificate shall be 16 years old or older, demonstrate proof of practical knowledge of pest control, and meet the following requirements:

(1) Pay a certificate fee of $7;

(2) Pass an examination given by the Department.

D. Duration. A certificate is valid for 3 years.

E. Certificate Renewal. A certificate may be renewed every 3 years by:

(1) Applying to the Department;

(2) Paying a certificate fee of $7; and

(3) Demonstrating knowledge of pesticide use by participating, within the 12 months before expiration of the current certificate, in a training course approved by the Department.

F. Record-Keeping Requirements. A person certified as a private applicator shall maintain records, as indicated in this section, on each general use or restricted use pesticide application. The records shall be held for 2 years, and shall be available, on request, to the Department. The following information shall be recorded:

(1) Name and address of certified applicator;

(2) Name and address of applicator, if different from §F(1) of this regulation;

(3) Location of treated area, including county, address of farm or production area, and field designation, if available;

(4) Date of pesticide application;

(5) Brand name or common name and EPA registration number of pesticide used;

(6) Application rate of pesticide used;

(7) Total amount of pesticide product used;

(8) Acreage, size of area treated, or number of plants or animals treated; and

(9) Crop, stored product, site, or commodity treated.