.01 Scope.

A. The regulations contained in this chapter:

(1) Prescribe the standards of quality for individual shell eggs sold in this State;

(2) Establish allowable tolerances for grades of shell eggs sold in this State;

(3) Prescribe the weights permitted by the Maryland Egg Law for the various size classifications of eggs;

(4) Establish special grades of eggs; and

(5) Indicate what information a person selling shell eggs to a consumer shall provide and the manner in which this information is to be provided.

B. The regulations contained in this chapter also implement a portion of a program jointly administered by this Department and the Maryland Department of Health (the remaining portions of this program are explained in COMAR 15.11.11, 10.15.03, and 10.15.04) that is intended to reduce the incidence of Salmonella serotype enteritidis in shell eggs distributed or sold in this State. Among other things, these regulations:

(1) Prohibit a person from distributing, offering for sale, or selling shell eggs in the State unless:

(a) That person is registered with the Secretary and provides certain written documentation that will assist the Secretary, if eggs are found to be adulterated or unfit for human consumption, to discover the particular flock from which those eggs are derived;

(b) The eggs have been produced by flocks that meet the standards established under COMAR; and

(c) The carton or case, if the eggs have been packed in one of these containers for delivery to consumers, displays certain information; and

(2) Describe what is required of a person who packs shell eggs that are to be distributed, offered for sale, or sold in the State.