.11 Record-Keeping Requirements.

A. Report Forms. Each service technician or service agency seeking registration with the Department shall submit, with the application for certificate of registration, a report form for approval by the Department. There is no specific format for the requested information, which shall include:

(1) Name and address of service agency, service technician, or both;

(2) Name and address of device owner;

(3) Location of device;

(4) Date of service;

(5) Make, model, and serial number of device;

(6) NTEP certificate of conformance number for any device manufactured after October 1992;

(7) Adjustments made and results of testing; and

(8) Signature of service technician.

B. A registered person shall make available for inspection, at the Department's request, the information required in §A of this regulation.

C. A registered service technician or registered service agency shall keep report forms for at least 24 months.