.07 Certificate of Registration Fee.

A. The Department shall issue a certificate of registration to a qualified person under Regulation .04 of this chapter, upon receipt of the appropriate fee specified in §B of this regulation.

B. A qualified person seeking a certificate of registration shall pay to the Department one of the following fees for the appropriate type of registration for which certification is sought:

(1) $50 for a service technician certificate; or

(2) $200 for a service agency certificate.

C. A service agency is exempt from paying a registration fee if it is:

(1) A business employing service technicians to install, place into service, adjust, repair, or service weights or measures that are owned or operated by the business, and used by that business only; or

(2) An agency within State or county government engaged in the installation, placing into service, adjusting, repairing, or servicing of weights or measures owned or operated by a State or county government.

D. A service technician who is employed by a service agency that meets the exemption requirements of §C(1) or (2) of this regulation is exempt from paying the registration renewal fee normally required of a service technician.