.04 Qualifications for Registration.

A. Registered Service Technician. An applicant seeking to become a certified service technician shall:

(1) Except as provided in §B of this regulation, pass a written examination for each type of weighing and measuring device the applicant intends to install, service, or repair;

(2) Possess a working knowledge of weighing and measuring devices for which the applicant intends to be registered;

(3) Possess or have access to standards of weights and measures and testing equipment that are:

(a) Appropriate in design and adequate in amount to provide the services for which the applicant is requesting registration; and

(b) Certified by a NIST-approved State metrology laboratory; and

(4) Pay the certificate of registration fee, as outlined in Regulation .07 of this chapter.

B. Instead of requiring the examination specified under §A of this regulation, the Department may accept scores obtained on other State or industry association-approved examinations.

C. Registered Service Agency. An applicant seeking to become a registered service agency shall meet the qualifications set forth in §A(3) and (4) of this regulation.