.05 Fees.

A. After receiving a request to conduct a type evaluation for a weighing and measuring device, the Secretary shall inform the applicant of the estimated cost to conduct this service.

B. Upon request by the Secretary, the applicant shall prepay the estimated cost to conduct the type evaluation service. If after completing this service the Secretary finds that the actual cost is greater than the estimated cost, the applicant shall pay the Secretary the difference. On the other hand, if the actual cost is less than the estimated cost, the Secretary shall refund the difference to the applicant.

C. For performing type evaluation under either the State or National Program, the Secretary shall charge the following fees:

(1) Technical services and evaluations — $100 per hour;

(2) Environmental chamber services — $350 per device;

(3) Endurance testing — $125 per device;

(4) Certificate of Conformance drafting fee — $500;

(5) Vapor or flow meter standards — $50 per device;

(6) Trailer-mounted provers, 200 gallon capacity — $50 per day plus 35 cents per mile;

(7) Trailer-mounted provers, 1480-gallon capacity — $125 per day plus 45 cents per mile;

(8) Large scale test unit — $300 per day plus $2 per mile;

(9) Van or sedan — 65 cents per mile;

(10) 1-ton truck — 75 cents per mile; and

(11) Travel costs — Full reimbursement from Annapolis, Maryland.