.04 Registration Terms and Conditions.

A. Unless renewed as provided by Regulation .03 of this chapter, a registration for a weight and measure expires on May 31 of each year.

B. A registration issued by the Secretary applies only to the original weight and measure as described in the registration unless the possessor notifies the Secretary that the originally described weight and measure has been replaced by a weight and measure of the same class.

C. If the owner or possessor sells a registered weight and measure to another person, the new owner or possessor shall register the weight and measure as required by Regulation .03 of this chapter.

D. If the owner or possessor moves a weight and measure to a new business location, the owner or possessor shall notify the Secretary within 30 days of moving the weight and measure.

E. The owner or possessor of a weight and measure shall display the registration conspicuously at each place of business where the weight and measure is located.