.08 Use of Automated Testing Equipment to Determine the Basis of Payment to Producers.

A. When the automated testing equipment is being used to determine the milk fat content of milk as a basis of payment to producers, a control milk sample will be tested by the automated testing equipment once every hour of its operation or once every 50 samples tested, whichever occurs first. If the difference between the milk fat content as measured by the equipment and the milk fat content of the control milk is 0.06 percent or less, the equipment may be continued in use as a basis of measuring milk fat content to determine payments to producers. If the difference is greater than 0.06 percent, the equipment shall cease being used for this purpose and shall be checked in accordance with Regulation .07, of this chapter. All test results obtained from the equipment subsequent to the last acceptable check as provided by this regulation as well as all payments to producers based on these tests shall be void. The equipment may not be used for determining payments to producers until it shall have been checked and calibrated, if necessary, in accordance with Regulation .07, of this chapter.

B. Required Records. When automated testing equipment is used to determine payments to producers, the following records shall be maintained on file for a period of 12 months, at the facility where the instrument is operated:

(1) Initial and subsequent calibrations, including the worksheet used in computing the standard deviation;

(2) Results of tests used as a basis of payment to producers;

(3) Control milk test results required by Regulation .07A, of this chapter;

(4) Daily performance checks;

(5) Machine adjustments;

(6) Major maintenance reports;

(7) Other procedural records required by the Department;

(8) Records of the preparation of control milk samples as required by Regulation .03 of this chapter.