.05 Tolerances.

A. Application. The tolerances prescribed in this regulation shall be applied equally to errors in excess and errors in deficiency.

B. Minimum Tolerance Values. On a particular farm milk tank, the maintenance and acceptance tolerances applied may not be smaller than the smallest volume corresponding to a graduated interval at any point on the gauge rod or surface gauge.

C. Basic Tolerance Values. Basic maintenance and acceptance tolerance shall be as shown in Table 1. (The error at any liquid level of a farm milk tank is the difference between the gallonage shown for that level on the calibration chart and the corresponding gallonage by test. The tolerance is applied according to the volume of test liquid in the tank at each test draft, regardless of the nominal capacity of the tank.)

Table 1
Basic Maintenance and Acceptance
Tolerances for Farm Milk Tanks
Test Draft Tolerance in excess
and in deficiency
250 or less 1/2
251 to 500, inclusive 1
501 to 1,000, inclusive 2
1,001 to 1,500, inclusive 3
1,501 to 2,000, inclusive 4
Over 2,000 5