.03 Specifications.

A. Manufacturers and installers of farm milk tanks and those using farm milk tanks shall comply with the specifications, tolerances, and other technical requirements specified in:

(1) This chapter; and

(2) The National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 44, Section 4.42, as provided under COMAR

B. Design of Calibration Chart.

(1) The installer shall make calibration charts in triplicate with one for the purchaser of the tank, one for the purchaser of the milk, and one for the Secretary of Agriculture.

(2) The charts shall bear the following information:

(a) Manufacturer of the tank;

(b) Size of the tank;

(c) Model number;

(d) Serial number of the tank;

(e) Serial number of the rod;

(f) Name and address of the owner of the tank;

(g) Date of installation;

(h) Date of last calibration;

(i) Type of graduations on the rod;

(j) Purchaser of the milk; and

(k) Name of the person or firm who calibrated the tank.