Md. R. 44:20 17-238-P17-238/EEMERGENCY ACTION EFFECTIVE 9/8/2017—1/3/2018

.05 Certification of Tax Credit Certificate Administrator.

An applicant who applies to serve as a Tax Credit Certificate Administrator shall apply to the Secretary on a departmental form and shall have the following qualifications:

A. Be a 501c3 nonprofit;

B. Have record-keeping capabilities (information systems) that include the date of the donation, farm name/farmer, type of fresh farm product, and volume in pounds of produce received;

C. Be certified in and comply with safe food handling practices and have been reviewed by an outside organization (i.e. health inspector, AIB certified);

D. Possess a scale certified by the Maryland Department of Agriculture that is calibrated on a quarterly basis;

E. Follow food safety regulations regarding storage and inventory; and

F. Have an established partner network for quick food distribution or distribute directly to clients.