.06 Medical Standards.

The responsible individual shall ensure that all animals are monitored, assessed, examined, and treated for medical conditions in a timely manner as follows:

A. A veterinarian shall supervise the medical care and medical treatment of all animals in an animal shelter;

B. Any surgeries shall be performed in accordance with the Maryland Veterinary Practice Act and in a facility currently licensed and registered by the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners;

C. Animal shelter staff shall observe animals daily for signs of illness or injury, and obtain treatment, as appropriate;

D. Clean water shall be provided to all animals at all times unless otherwise directed by a veterinarian;

E. All animals with parasites shall be treated immediately unless otherwise directed by a veterinarian;

F. Any animal appearing to be experiencing pain, suffering distress, rapidly deteriorating health, life-threatening problems, or suspected zoonotic disease shall be assessed by a veterinarian as soon as possible or euthanized to prevent further distress or suffering;

G. Any animal with a suspected zoonotic disease that does not appear to be experiencing pain, distress, or deteriorating health, but that poses a threat to human health and safety, shall be isolated by the shelter to limit exposure to other animals and people, and shall be assessed by a veterinarian immediately or as soon as possible;

H. Any animal that is observed to be experiencing mental suffering, distress, or behavioral deterioration shall be assessed and appropriately treated by a veterinarian in a timely manner or humanely euthanized by the shelter;

I. Animals that can be handled safely shall be provided with animal enrichment activities, whenever possible; and

J. Animal food that is more than 6 months past the “sell by” date shall not be provided to an animal.