.03 Animal Shelter Buildings.

The responsible individual shall ensure that the shelter is a safe, structurally sound, and sanitary building that meets the following standards:

A. A shelter may not have any structural defects that could cause injury to animals or staff members handling animals;

B. Surfaces in animal areas, such as floors, junctions, walls, doors, shall be made of nonporous material that can easily be disinfected;

C. Ceilings shall be kept in good condition without leaks;

D. All areas where animals are present shall have adequate ventilation and be kept between 60—80 degrees F;

E. By July 1, 2019, all rooms where animals are housed shall have a fire alarm system that will alert authorities of fire or heavy smoke;

F. A shelter shall have written policies and protocols in place to maintain adequate capacity to prevent and eliminate overcrowding; and

G. Upon request, a shelter shall allow the Department to inspect the premises for compliance with this chapter.