.08 Project Monitoring and Reporting.

A. The recipient of a spay/neuter grant shall:

(1) Keep and maintain complete and accurate records of all activities connected with the grant;

(2) Report relevant information to the Department on how the grant was used to date, including data on the number and type of spay or neuter procedures performed, and such other information as requested by the Department;

(3) Submit a final report, to the Department, both narrative and financial, within 30 days after the conclusion of the grant cycle, or upon completion of the project, whichever comes first. The final report shall be in a form as required by the Department, and shall include:

(a) Data on the number of spay and neuter procedures performed under the grant;

(b) A description of any public education and outreach efforts implemented;

(c) An evaluation of the degree to which the projectís objectives and expected outcomes were met;

(d) A detailed accounting of the disbursement of all funds; and

(e) Any other information required by the Department; and

(4) Notify the Department in writing immediately of any significant change to the grant application or any funded grant activity.

B. Failure to report as required by this regulation may jeopardize future grants to the grant recipient, and may result in the grant recipient being required to repay current grant funds.