.03 Employment Participation Restrictions.

A Department employee may not participate, as a part of that employee's duties, in any of the following matters if that participation in any way affects the employee's farm, or a farm that directly competes for business with the employee's farm operation:

A. Any contract with the Department;

B. Any regulatory or enforcement action;

C. Any Department program that controls, or in any way regulates the employee's farm operation; or

D. Any matter that will have a direct and predictable effect on the employee's financial interest in the employee's farm operation, including such a matter involving:

(1) The employees' spouse, or immediate family;

(2) An outside employer or prospective employer of the employee;

(3) An organization in which the employee serves as an officer, director, or general partner; or

(4) Any person with whom the employee has or seeks a business, contractual, or other financial relationship.