.04 Application Contents.

A. An application shall contain the following, with each section beginning on a separate sheet of paper:

(1) Title page, which shall contain the following:

(a) The project title;

(b) The requested grant amount;

(c) A statement of the funding phase, that is, design and testing, or construction and use;

(d) The county where the aquaculture project is located; and

(e) The applicant's name and signature, address and phone number, or name and signature of the applicant's authorized representative, if any.

(2) Project description, which shall include:

(a) The project's objective;

(b) A short, general summary, of approximately 300—400 words, of the proposed project;

(c) The project's design description, including drawings, as appropriate;

(d) How the project will be operated and tested to meet the program objective or objectives as provided in Regulation .05A(1)(c) of this chapter;

(e) An identification of the way in which the wastewater will be discharged and where, including the body of water, if any, receiving the wastewater;

(f) Any other information the applicant believes necessary for the Department's complete review of the proposed project.

(3) Project Budget.

(a) The applicant shall contribute at least 50 percent to the cost of any project.

(b) The application shall contain a proposed budget for the project, identifying all sources and uses of money, and the estimated value of the applicant's other contributions to the cost of the project, such as goods and labor.

(c) An applicant's labor contribution shall be based on the value of any salary paid for necessary labor, including benefits.

(d) Any contribution of equipment shall be for equipment necessary for the project.

(e) The applicant shall provide the Department with budget information in the following areas:

(i) Labor;

(ii) Travel;

(iii) Equipment;

(iv) Testing; and

(v) Other necessary costs for the project.

(f) The budget shall include a proposed beginning and an ending date for the project.

(4) Resumes.

(a) Each applicant shall include a resume, and resumes of key personnel involved in the project.

(b) All resumes shall include the educational background and the experience of the applicant and key personnel as these relate to the project.

B. An applicant shall submit the application to the Maryland Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture Office, 50 Harry S Truman Parkway, Annapolis, Maryland 21401.