.06 Telecommunications and Interconnected Network Equipment and Services.

A. Information technology intended for use in telecommunications or other interconnected network services shall be integrated for obtaining, retrieving, and disseminating visual information by nonvisual means.

B. Personal digital assistants (PDAs) and mobile phone systems shall be considered nonvisually accessible if the products:

(1) Are captioned text-to-speech capable;

(2) Use a distributed speech processing architecture, where the client (device) synthesizes text-to-speech output; and

(3) Provide good quality synthesized speech capable of being understood by the average listener.

C. Technologies using encoding, signal compression, format transformation, or similar techniques shall be considered nonvisually accessible if the technologies either:

(1) Do not remove information needed for nonvisual access; or

(2) Restore information needed for nonvisual access upon delivery to the device.

D. Telecommunications products having mechanically operated controls or keys shall be considered nonvisually accessible if:

(1) Controls and keys are tactilely discernible without activating the controls or keys; and

(2) The status of all locking or toggle controls or keys is discernible either through touch or sound in addition to being visually discernible.