.05 Filing Requirements for Providers.

A. Providers shall file with the Office:

(1) A proposal, if the provider wishes to establish a new residential child care program; or

(2) An expansion request, if the provider wishes to expand a current residential child care program.

B. Required Content of a Proposal. To be assigned to a licensing agency, a proposal shall include:

(1) Face sheet, in accordance with the format prescribed by the Office;

(2) Table of contents;

(3) Statement of purpose for the program, which includes the organization's mission;

(4) Identification and description of the qualifications of the program administrator;

(5) Organizational capability, including:

(a) Experience in serving children and youth;

(b) Experience in serving special populations in residential programs;

(c) Experience in the operation of residential programs for children and youth; and

(d) Identity and qualifications of the board of directors;

(6) Program needs assessment, including:

(a) Needs assessment methodology;

(b) Results of needs assessment;

(c) Need for type of program or facility proposed; and

(d) Criteria for selecting program location;

(7) Program description, including:

(a) Population served;

(b) Residential plan;

(c) Program activities, including:

(i) Recreation;

(ii) Tutoring; and

(iii) After-school activities;

(d) Therapeutic services;

(e) Family involvement strategies;

(f) Model schedule for residents;

(g) Program services for summer and holiday periods; and

(h) Other program elements;

(8) Management plans, including:

(a) Financial management plan;

(b) Marketing plan;

(c) Community relations plan;

(d) Quality control plan; and

(e) Outcome-based self-evaluation plan;

(9) Staffing plan, including:

(a) Staffing requirements;

(b) Staff qualifications;

(c) Staff recruitment; and

(d) Training;

(10) Education plan, including:

(a) Documentation of collaboration with the local school system in the enrollment and education of resident children;

(b) The extent of participation in the child's educational activities; and

(c) Notice of the provider's intent, if any, to operate an educational program within the residential program's facilities; and

(11) Health care plan, including:

(a) Residents' access to health care;

(b) Supervision of residents' health care needs;

(c) Medical emergencies;

(d) Mental health services for residents; and

(e) Resident nutrition.

C. Required Content of an Expansion Request. To be assigned to a licensing agency, an expansion request shall include:

(1) Face sheet;

(2) Copy of the program's current license;

(3) Description of the specific program expansion requested; and

(4) Description of changes, if any, to the licensee's current program that would result from the requested expansion.

D. The Office shall provide detailed instructions regarding the submission of proposals and requests for registration, including:

(1) Format of proposals and requests for registration;

(2) Filing procedures; and

(3) Specific elements to be addressed in each content area.