.12 Applicant Responsibilities.

A. Grant applicants and recipients shall provide in a timely manner all information the Administration deems necessary to process and evaluate the application, including information as to the performance of the clean energy conversion system.

B. Applicants and recipients may not knowingly make or cause to be made any false statement or report in any document required to be furnished to the Administration for the purpose of influencing any action by the Administration on any application or for the purpose of influencing any action of the Administration affecting any grant already provided.

C. Applicants and recipients shall allow Administration representatives direct access to clean energy conversion systems for which the applicants are requesting or have received Clean Energy Grants for the purposes of verifying all claims and representations.

D. Failure to comply with žB of this regulation is subject to penalties and fines as set forth in State Government Article, §9-20B-11, Annotated Code of Maryland.