.01 Purpose and Scope.

This chapter establishes and implements the Clean Energy Grant Program, a comprehensive grant program part of the Administrationís Strategic Energy Investment Program authorized under State Government Article, §9-20B-01 et seq., Annotated Code of Maryland. The Clean Energy Grant Program replaces regulations issued pursuant to State Government Article, §§9-2007 and 9-2008, Annotated Code of Maryland, for solar and geothermal grants. The program offers to reimburse homeowners, business owners, State and local governments, and nonprofit organizations for all or a portion of the cost of purchasing, leasing, and installing eligible and certain commercially viable, but nascent, clean energy systems located in Maryland that convert renewable energy resources into electric energy, thermal energy (that is, heating, cooling, steam, or hot water), or use renewable fuels (that is, solid, liquid, or gaseous fuels from renewable resources) to meet the energy demands of Marylandís homes and buildings.