.03 Hearings on Denial of Application or Request for Waiver.

A. Denial of Application.

(1) If the Commission denies an application or request for waiver, the Commission shall issue an order advising the applicant of the Commission's action.

(2) The applicant may request a hearing by submitting the prescribed Commission form to the Director within 30 days after the date of the order.

B. Hearings and Final Orders.

(1) If a hearing is requested, the Commission shall conduct a hearing which is presided over by a panel of three Commissioners.

(2) After a hearing, the Commission shall promptly issue a final order which shall be decided by at least two of the three Commissioners.

(3) If an applicant fails to request a hearing within the time prescribed by §A(2) of this regulation, the Commission shall issue a final order denying the application.

C. The applicant may appeal a final decision of the Commission in accordance with Labor and Employment Article, §9-737, Annotated Code of Maryland.