.04 Interpreters and Other Accommodations.

A. Interpreter and Other Accommodations.

(1) If a party or witness cannot adequately hear, speak, or understand the spoken or written English language the Commission shall provide an interpreter or other reasonable accommodation service necessary for the party or witness to participate fully in the Commission proceedings.

(2) If a party, witness or individual having business with the Commission requires another form of accommodation to participate in Commission proceedings, the Commission shall take reasonable steps to provide a reasonable accommodation for the individual.

B. Request Required.

(1) Within 10 days of the date the Notice of Hearing is issued, an individual requiring an interpreter or other accommodation shall make a request to the Commission Interpreter Program Office that specifies:

(a) The identity of the individual requiring the service;

(b) Date and location of hearing;

(c) The language or other accommodation service being requested;

(d) Contact information for the service/accommodation requestor or their representative; and

(e) Any other information that may assist the Commission in providing the requested interpreter service or accommodation.

(2) A request for interpreter or other accommodation may be made by:

(a) Telephoning the Commission's LEP telephone line available on the Commission website;

(b) Sending an email to the email address for the Commission Interpreter Program Office available on the Commission website; or

(c) Telephoning the Commission's main telephone line through the TTY service through Maryland Relay available on the Commission's website.

(3) Upon receipt of a timely request for services, the Commission Interpreter Program Office shall:

(a) Issue a reservation number to the requesting individual; and


(i) Schedule an interpreter, or accommodation service; or

(ii) Engage in a dialogue about the requested accommodation.

C. Except as provided in §D of this regulation, the Commission shall pay the fee for interpreter or other reasonable accommodation service requested pursuant to this regulation.

D. Notification of Cancellation and Fees.

(1) An individual who has received a reservation number under §B(2) of this regulation may cancel the requested service by notifying the Commission Interpreter Program Office, in the manner prescribed by the Commission, that the requested service is no longer required.

E. An individual may be assessed the service minimum fee if:

(1) A matter is resolved more than 2 days prior to the hearing; and

(2) The service is not cancelled.

F. A party may not provide his or her own interpreter.