.03 Service of Papers.

A. Service by Commission.

(1) The Commission shall serve notice of its orders and decisions, by:

(a) Electronic means, if the party's attorney of record consents or, if the party is unrepresented, the party consents; or

(b) First class mail to the last known address of each party's attorney of record or, if the party is unrepresented, to the unrepresented party.

(2) Parties and attorneys of record shall notify the Commission promptly of a change of address.

(3) For all other notices, where service by electronic means has not been authorized by statute or regulation, the Commission shall serve notice by first class mail.

B. Service by Parties.

(1) Except as otherwise provided in these regulations, a copy of every paper, form, or document filed with the Commission by a party shall be served promptly on all other parties.

(2) If a party is represented by an attorney, service shall be made upon the attorney unless service on the party is directed by the Commission.

(3) Service may be made by:

(a) Handing the papers to the party or attorney;

(b) Leaving the papers at that person's office with an individual in charge, or, if there is no one in charge, leaving the papers in a conspicuous place in the office, or, if the office is closed or the person has no office, leaving the papers at the person's usual place of residence with an individual of suitable age and discretion residing there;

(c) Mailing the papers to the address most recently stated in a paper filed by the party or attorney, or if not stated, to the last known address; or

(d) Electronic means.

(4) Service by mail is complete upon mailing.

(5) Service by electronic means is complete upon receipt of electronic filing or service.

(6) Each paper filed that is required to be served shall be accompanied by a certificate of service, signed by the party or the party's attorney, showing the date and manner of making service on each of the other parties.