.02 Forms and Documents.

A. Forms prepared by the Commission, and made available on the Commission's website or through CompHub, are mandatory and shall be used for filing claims, notices, requests, motions, and other papers as required by law, or by these regulations.

B. Where the Commission has not created a form but has directed that the party or attorney prepare its own petition or motion, the party or attorney shall draft and file the required papers.

C. Power of Attorney.

(1) If a party files a form or document under power of attorney, the party shall:

(a) Use a statutory form power of attorney in accordance with Estates and Trusts Article, §§17-101—17-204, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(b) File electronically a copy of the power of attorney with the Commission.

(2) Only one copy of the power of attorney need be filed with the Commission.