.09 Distribution of Awards to Students.

A. Selection Criteria.In determining the selection criteria to be applied to award applicants, a community college:

(1) Shall ensure that awards are made only to eligible students;

(2) May not make an award to any student who already has received the award for two workforce development sequences, regardless of the duration, cost, or successful completion of the sequences; and

(3) May determine the prioritization of awards based upon any of the following criteria:

(a) The workforce needs of the service area of the institution;

(b) The availability to the applicant of other funds;

(c) Whether the student has received the award previously; and

(d) The order in which applications were submitted by applicants.

B. Compliance with State and Federal Law. A community college shall administer the Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship consistent with State and federal law.

C. Nondiscrimination. A community college may not discriminate against applicants, prospective applicants, or awardees based upon sex, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or sexual identity.

D. Reporting to Commission. A community college shall report to the Office annually regarding the selection criteria used by the college under §A of this regulation.