.04 Approval of a Workforce Development Sequence.

A. A community college shall apply to the Commission for approval of a workforce development sequence on a form prescribed by the Secretary.

B. The Secretary shall approve a workforce development sequence application if:

(1) The Secretary determines that completion of the courses in the sequence results in the issuance of a noncredit certificate to the student; and

(2) Each course in the sequence:

(a) Is eligible to be funded through Pell grants under Title IV of the federal Higher Education Act;

(b) Is eligible to be funded through the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act;

(c) Is designed to prepare an individual to sit for a licensing exam required by a State regulatory agency for employment in a specific occupational field;

(d) Is a required component of a registered apprenticeship; or

(e) In the Secretary’s determination:

(i) Is approved for State funding through the Request for State Funding of a Continuing Education Course (CC-10) application process; and

(ii) Has the purpose of job enhancement or job preparation, or leads to licensure or certification for an occupation that requires licensure or certification.