.17 Full-Time Enrollment Appeal Criteria.

A. A recipient enrolled for at least 6 credits, but less than 12 credits per semester, may appeal a scholarship denial to the Office on the basis that:

(1) The recipient is participating in a specific course or activity (such as an internship or practicum) that is required by the institution to complete the academic program; or

(2) The recipient has a documented disability that prevents full-time enrollment.

B. A recipient appealing under §A of this regulation shall appeal to the Office on a semester basis and shall submit the following:

(1) Documentation from the recipientís department chair at the community college that describes and confirms the programís requirements for the applicable semester, along with a catalog description of the program and courses and activities involved; or

(2) Documentation that confirms the student is an individual with disabilities who is unable to enroll full-time due to the disability.