.13 Payment of Awards.

A. The Office shall make an award payment to the institution for each semester that the eligible recipient is granted the award.

B. The community college shall certify to the Office, and request payment for all recipients, on a semester basis, on or before:

(1) December 15, for the fall semester; and

(2) May 15, for the spring semester.

C. A community college that fails to certify and request payment for all recipients on a semester basis under §B of this regulation may not certify recipients for the subsequent semester.

D. Each semester, community colleges shall review billing rosters provided by the Office to certify, by a deadline determined by the Office that each recipient continues to:

(1) Be enrolled as a full-time student in a credit bearing certificate, credit bearing vocational certificate, or associate degree program;

(2) Be eligible for in-State tuition; and

(3) Meet satisfactory academic progress.

E. In order for funds to be disbursed to the community college, the community college at which the student is enrolled shall maintain the student’s FAFSA information on file. The Office will maintain the applications of students eligible for in-State tuition but ineligible for federal aid, and of students who are not selected for federal aid.