.12 Certification of Award Eligibility.

A. The Office shall create a certification of award roster for each institution, and the institution shall complete the certification each semester by the date established by the Office.

B. The certification of award roster shall contain the name of each applicant whose tuition and fees are unmet by non-loan aid awards, verified by the community college, and who meets all requirements as described under Regulations .03 and .04 of this chapter by the established deadlines.

C. Each community college annually shall report in MDCAPS all types of non-loan aid the applicant is receiving.

D. The award amount reported to the Office shall be the amount of tuition remaining after all other non-loan aid has been applied to the applicantís tuition.

E. After the community college reports all non-loan aid for each applicant, the institution shall electronically transmit the roster to the Office through MDCAPS.

F. Once the Office receives the roster from the community college by the deadline established by the Office:

(1) Initial applicants shall be ranked based upon greatest demonstrated financial need; and

(2) Priority shall be given to eligible prior year recipients.

G. A community college may report an applicantís non-loan aid after the deadline established by the Office only if the applicant satisfied all enrollment requirements at the community college on or before the deadline. The Office shall rank the applicant and, as applicable, award the applicant or place the applicant on the waiting list.

H. A community college shall report in MDCAPS all non-loan aid the recipient is awarded, regardless of whether the non-loan aid has been disbursed for the semester.

I. A community college shall report to the Office all subsequent ISIR transactions that change a recipientís eligibility.

J. The Office will make annual awards prior to the start of the Fall semester.