.11 Full-time Enrollment and Credit Completion Requirements.

A. Except as provided in Regulation .17 of this chapter, a recipient who fails to continuously enroll full-time and complete at least 12 credits per semester becomes ineligible for the scholarship.

B. A recipient who becomes ineligible for the scholarship may reapply in the subsequent year if the recipient graduated from high school or successfully passed the GED examination in Maryland within 2 years prior to the re-application, and continues to meet all other eligibility requirements under this chapter.

C. The institution shall report through MDCAPS, on a semester basis, whether the recipient is enrolled full-time and the number of credits completed.

D. The institution shall report the number of credits in MDCAPS:

(1) By January 30, for fall credit completion information; and

(2) By June 1, for spring credit completion information.