.03 Student Eligibility for Initial Applications.

A. Subject to the State budget, the Office annually shall determine a studentís eligibility to receive a scholarship.

B. An applicant is eligible for a scholarship if the applicant:

(1) Within 2 years after graduating from a high school, or within 2 years of successfully completing a GED in the State, is enrolled in a community college as a candidate for a vocational certificate, a certificate, or an associate degree;

(2) Enrolls in at least 12 credits per semester at the community college while receiving the scholarship;

(3) Is eligible for in-State tuition, as determined by the community college in accordance with Education Article, Title 15, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(4) Earned an unweighted overall high school grade point average of at least 2.3 on a 4.0 scale or its equivalent, or successfully completed a GED examination in the State on or before the July 31 prior to the start of the fall semester;

(5) For the most recent tax year, had an annual adjusted gross income of not more than:

(a) $100,000 if the applicant is single or resides in a single-parent household; or

(b) $150,000 if the applicant is married or resides in a two-parent household;

(6) Has not earned a bachelorís degree or an associate degree;

(7) Has not been awarded other educational grants or scholarships that, in total, cover the applicantís full cost of attendance at the community college; and

(8) By March 1, files a FAFSA or separate State application, prescribed by the Office, and submits any required supporting documentation to the Office, as described under Regulation .05 of this chapter.