.09 Scholarship Conditions and Service Requirement.

A. Full-Time Employment.For purposes of this regulation, “full-time employment” means employment for at least 35 hours per week.

B. Use of Scholarship. A scholarship shall be used solely for education expenses to attend an eligible institution.

C. As a precondition of receiving a scholarship, a recipient shall provide a promissory note and shall enter into a written agreement with the Commission, in the form and manner prescribed by the Office, requiring the recipient to:

(1) Earn credit as a full-time student;

(2) Complete the cybersecurity program for which the recipient received the scholarship; and

(3) Perform the service obligation described in §D of this regulation.

D. Service Obligation. For each year that the recipient receives a scholarship, the recipient shall:

(1) Maintain full-time employment in the State for at least 1 year in a unit of State government in the cybersecurity field; or

(2) Teach full-time in the State for at least 1 year in a public high school in an education program that is directly relevant to cybersecurity.