.14 Late Awards.

A. OSFA shall consider students for late EA Grants if funds become available after initial awards have been made.

B. Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, consideration for a late award shall be given in the following descending order to students who:

(1) Were previously awarded and have requested reinstatement of a canceled award;

(2) Applied on time and filed an appeal based on changes in financial circumstances;

(3) Applied on time and were eligible for an award but were not funded;

(4) Were late in applying, appealed for consideration, and were placed on the waiting list; and

(5) Applied after the deadline.

C. Selection of Recipients.

(1) If funds are available to make late awards, OSFA shall fund EA Grant recipients as specified in žB of this regulation, and shall notify recipients and institutions.

(2) If funds become available after commencement of the fall semester and are sufficient to issue late awards, OSFA shall require the institution to verify the eligibility of students before making awards.