.08 Selection of Recipients.

A. A FAFSA or alternative application filed after March 1 for the GA Grant shall not be considered.

B. OSFA shall notify an applicant if supplemental documentation is needed to process the application.

C. GA award applicants who submit all supplemental documentation required by OSFA, including, as applicable, high school transcripts, high school certification forms, proof of successfully passing GED examination, and other verification documents, by April 1 shall be funded prior to all other Educational Excellence Awards applicants.

D. All applicants for the EA Grant shall be selected and awards made based upon a Statewide ranking of each student's Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and need, with the lowest EFC and greatest need awarded first, in the following priority:

(1) Renewal applicants for EA Grants shall be awarded first provided that the requirements of Regulation .10 of this chapter are met; and

(2) Remaining funds shall be awarded to all other eligible applicants until all funds are depleted.