.07 Maryland Dent-Care Loan Assistance Repayment Program Recipient Obligations.

A. The recipient of an Maryland Dent-Care Loan Assistance Repayment Program (MDC-LARP) award shall furnish the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) with written acceptance of the award and sign a promissory note that stipulates the:

(1) Obligations of an MDC-LARP recipient;

(2) Number of years to which the MDC-LARP recipient commits;

(3) Total and annual amounts of the MDC-LARP award;

(4) Penalties for breaching the promissory note;

(5) Circumstances under which the obligation may be deferred, canceled, suspended, or waived; and

(6) Other terms OSFA deems necessary.

B. A recipient of an MDC-LARP award shall:

(1) Provide dental care services to Maryland Medical Assistance Program MMAP recipients equal to at least 30 percent of their practice for 1 year for each year the individual received an award;

(2) Provide dental care services in a full-time eligible practice site (full-time practice means a minimum of 40 hours per week);

(3) Provide at least 32 hours of the required 40 hours per week during normally scheduled office hours at an eligible practice site; and

(4) Ensure that no more than 35 workdays are spent away from the practice for holidays, vacation, continuing professional education, illness, or any other reason. Absences greater than 35 workdays in any given 52-week period shall extend the service obligation end date.

C. While in practice at an eligible practice site, an MDC-LARP recipient shall:

(1) Sign up to be a Medical Assistance provider with the Maryland Healthy Smiles Program;

(2) Accept and render services to Maryland Medical Assistance Program recipients;

(3) Maintain a valid license to practice dentistry in the State of Maryland throughout the service obligation;

(4) Notify OSFA if the employment arrangement at the eligible practice site is terminated or changed;

(5) Notify OSFA if the repayment of a loan is undertaken by an entity defined in Education Article, §18-2401(b)(2), Annotated Code of Maryland;

(6) Keep timely records of services rendered to all Medicaid patients (both Network Provider Recipients and Maryland Medical Assistance Program Recipients) and provide the Department of Health Office of Oral Health with written reports of those services as allowed by federal and state confidentiality statutes and regulations; and

(7) Complete an exit interview at the end of the final service period.