.05 Selection Process.

A. The Office of Oral Health (OOH) shall appoint a Review Panel, which includes dentists who have experience treating Medicaid and low-income patients, to assist in the annual selection of Maryland Dent-Care Loan Assistance Repayment Program (MDC-LARP) recipients.

B. The Review Panel shall be responsible for reviewing the eligible applicants and recommending to OOH which applicants should receive an award.

C. The OOH shall make the final selection of MDC-LARP recipients.

D. The Review Panel may consider the following criteria in making its recommendations to OOH:

(1) The dental health care needs of the geographic area where the dental practice is located;

(2) The professional competence and conduct of applicants;

(3) The applicant’s willingness to serve the 3-year requirement;

(4) The applicant’s personal or professional background and whether it demonstrates an understanding of the dental needs that exist in shortage areas or in underserved populations; and

(5) Additional criteria as determined by OOH to accommodate the goals of the MDC-LARP program.