.03 Determination of Geographic Dentist Shortage Areas.

A. The Maryland Department of Health, Office of Primary Care Services (MDH) shall be responsible for designating geographic dentist shortage areas in Maryland and reporting the designations annually to the Office for Student Financial Assistance according to a schedule that corresponds to the Maryland Dent-Care Loan Assistance Repayment Program (MDC-LARP) award cycle.

B. Geographic areas designated by MDH shall coincide with Maryland's federal Dental Health Professions Shortage Areas (Dental HPSAs). In addition, MDH may identify other areas based on health status indicators that MDH deems appropriate.

C. Designated dentist shortage areas shall be provided to the review panel as described in Regulation .05 of this chapter for the purpose of reviewing applications and designating underserved areas.

D. A dentist does not have to practice in a Dental HPSA to be considered for an MDC-LARP.